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"Supply, quality, fashion and taste has significant effect on trends in the market place. All these factors, together with economic volatility, makes for ever changing values".

Australian Art Valuers offers a comprehensive range of Valuation Services supported by the finest experience and expertise in all areas. Australian Art valuations are undertaken in the strictest confidence and are based upon the highest degree of market research available. Australian Art Valuers valuations are approved and accepted by all Institutions, Insurance, Collectors, Galleries, Corporate and others. It is imperative, for insurance, that your Art is valued professionally by a recognised Valuer. Australian Art Valuers offer our Professional Approved Valuation Services to Private Clients, Collectors, Corporations, Government Institutions, Financial Planners, Legal Firms, Executors and Estate Advisors.

Australian Art Valuers are Australia's leading specialists in the provision of Valuations for all your requirements.

This is an accurate and fully researched estimate of the sale price at auction.
This is the value placed on items for the purposes of replacement.
Savvy investors acquire Fine and Contemporary Art as part of their Superannuation Fund portfolio.
Family Divisions
Fully experienced in discreet, professional and private valuations available.

Email Valuations Available. Email your images to Australian Art Valuers at - info@australianartvaluers.com.au

Australian Art Valuers also organises for our clients any Leasing arrangements, Tax matters and Wealth Creation issues. We also have built close and trusted links with leading specialist Insurance companies who understand your specific needs and requirements in dealing with your collection.

Please contact Alexandra Wilcox direct at - info@australianartvaluers.com.au - to discuss your valuation requirements.

Please Note - Due to the considerable time required to fully research an accurate and current valuation, Australian Art Valuers are unable to provide free appraisals, valuations or advice.




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